28-01-2011 intervals

Type of exercise:  Running (intervals)

Distance:  7.4km

Time:  50mins

Today was speed play.  Felt pretty good before I started, if not a bit stiff from yesterday.  Did 10 mins warm up then intervals between 5mph & 6.5mph for 1 min each for 35 mins, then 5 mins cool down.  Felt pretty strong at the end still so was very happy.  Was worried I’d have another bad interval training session like I did last week.  Glad I didnt.  I do find it much easier at lunchtime compared to the end of the day.  Maybe it’s a lesson?

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27-01-2011 Kettle bells….again

Type of exercise:  Kettle Bells

Time:  45mins

I loved the kettlebells so much on Tuesday that I decided to do them again!!  Loads of squats and glut strengthening things, just what I need for my tight ITBs 🙂

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26-01-2011 some active recovery

Type of exercise:  Running

Distance:  3.5km

Time:  20mins

Today was just a gentle run day for some active recovery

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25-01-2011 Kettlebell induction session

Type of exercise:  Kettle Bells (weights)

Time:  45mins

Kettle bell in duction session today.  They are really cool!  As the instructor was carefully showing me the technique I could every muscle in my body burning as I was doing the exercises and also got my heart rate REALLY going!  I love them, they’re great.  Will be sore tomorrow though!

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24-01-2011 Long run

Type of exercise:  Running

Distance:  9.4km

Time:  1hr

Today I did my long run as I was far too tired on Sunday to do it.  I was working in the bar Fri and Sat nights and from Sat night only got to bed at 9.30am on Sunday!!  Naughty me ;o)  So needless to say that I was pretty shattered on Sunday!  So when I got home after work I chucked my kit on and off I went.  I was very much looking forward to it actually, it was almost like I missed running from only after 2 days of not doing it!

I ran around Ealing and Acton trying to make up the 60mins I needed to run for and covered more distance than I thought I would.  Mind you my sense of distance between places is appauling!  So is my sense of time actually, thinking about it :p  It was a great run and loved running on the roads outside…..well except for dodging all the people and the occassional car….oops.

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21-01-2011 Easy run :)

Type of exercise:  Running

Distance:  4,8km

Time:  30 mins

A nice easy run to give me some energy and finish off the week!  It was a good one!  Gutted I didn’t bring anything a bit warmer so I could’ve run outside as the sun was shining and it was beautiful, instead I ran on the treadmill which wasn’t too bad 🙂

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19-01-2011 Pt 2 Interval FAIL!!

Type of exercise:  Running intervals

Distance:  4.5km

Time:  25mins

After a long afternoon of feeling extremely tired and not so happy after the decline of my endorphins I had gained in the stretchclass earlier in the day, I headed to the gym to do intervals on the treadmill.  I thought “this’ll make me feel MUCH better!”  So off I went and failed miserably!!  I was meant to do 45mins in total but only managed 25mins disappointingly.  I was just feeling so drained and tired and decided i’d better stop before I passed out or my legs gave way and I injured myself.  So I went home, lay on my bed and passed out for 2hrs.  My boyfriend finally woke me up and fed me dinner, then I went straight back to sleep.  I must’ve needed it!!!

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